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The app designed to make the lives of veterinary professionals easier by providing quick and easy access to job-enabling information and support

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Welcome to VetNexa

Welcome to VetNexa

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Clinical Support at Your Fingertips

We exist to enhance the quality of life for practicing veterinary professionals across the world

We understand that working as a vet or vet nurse can be hugely a rewarding role, but also highly stressful. Client expectations keep rising, there are constant clinical advances to keep up to date with, and the structure of the profession is changing rapidly in front of our eyes.

These challenges are shared by our human medical colleagues. However, as a small, tight-knit profession, our specific clinical, professional, and pastoral care needs are often overlooked by companies developing digital support solutions for human medical colleagues.

At VetNexa, we believe that all vets and nurses should have free access to high quality, up to date, clinical, technical, and pastoral care information, presented in a way that saves you precious time.


We want to help you to be the vet you want to be, while allowing you to have the time to be the human you want to be.


Key Benefits

At VetNexa we develop product features to directly benefit our vets and nurses

Clinical Information Logo
Clinical Information
  • Drug Data Sheets and SPCs

  • Off Licence Drug Formulary

  • Common Technical Queries

  • Pharmaceutical Supplier Literature

  • Newsfeed to keep you up to date

  • Open Source Journals (coming soon)

  • CPD Videos (coming Soon)

Time Saving Logo
Time Saving
  • Intelligent Search

  • Submit SARs in app

  • Message technical services

  • Find my local rep

  • Find supplier contact details

  • Share information with a colleague

  • CPD Study Tracker​ (coming soon)

Eco Friendly Logo
Eco Friendly
  • Totally paperless

  • Request digital literature

  • Store favourite articles

  • Share owner literature via email

VetNexa Logo

Connecting Suppliers with Vets and Nurses

An Information Partnership

Veterinary suppliers struggle to speak to vets and nurses about their products and services. Vets want more time-efficient ways of accessing this crucial job-enabling information. VetNexa exists to provide this information partnership.

Data Integrity

At VetNexa we will never offer paid search. The search results you see reflect the feedback from our users and will never be influenced by our suppliers.


You will always know the source of the information presented to you, so you can make the best decision as to how to use what you have learnt in your day to day clinical practice.


Proudly Working With

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A Little Bit About Us

We are determined to use modern digital solutions to enhance the quality of life for practicing vets and veterinary nurses

VetNexa is the result of a collaboration between two veterinary surgeons.


Alan Doyle and Andrew Francis have over 50 years of combined experience both as practicing vets and in a variety of technical, sales, marketing and management positions within veterinary pharmaceutical companies, and veterinary focused technology start-ups.

We feel that this gives us some insight into the busy and high-pressured lives of today's veterinary professionals.

Alan Doyle MRCVS
Andrew Francis MRCVS
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What Colleagues are Saying

A few thoughts from some of our colleagues using the App

Where was this when I was a young vet in practice?

Gemma, Northern Ireland

Finally, a paperless option, and I only have to have one log in.

Richard, Hampshire

I can now access technical advice for the products I use regularly, without any fuss.

Sarah, Devon


Talk To Us

We thrive on feedback. Tell us what you need to make your clinical life easier. We will try to make it happen!

Email: info@vetcomms.app

53 Osborne Mews, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, S11 9EG

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